American College of Surgeons - Italy Chapter

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Dr. Nigri and Dr. Zarrimpar at the ACS Clinical Congress discuss on the RAS-ACS International Exchange Program between Italy and US. Dr. Zarrimpar was an International Exchange Scholar in 2014 (Rome, Italy)



The ACS Italy Chapter will participate at the National Congress of the Residency and PhD Programs in General Surgery and Surgical Specialties. Modena, June 22-24, 2017. Get ready for the ACS Italy Chapter Surgical Jeopardy!



ACS ITALY CHAPTER SPRING MEETING - The next National Meeting of the ACS Italy Chapter will be held in Catania on May 4-5 2017. The Surgical Jeopardy will be part of the meeting.



The Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons, February 2017. The relation between the ACS Italy Chapter and the AISNA (Association of Italian Surgeons in North America) is acknowledged by the ACS Bulletin.