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At the Italy Chapter of ACS, we recognize and value the importance of diversity and inclusion in the surgical field. We believe that diversity in all its forms, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and religion enhances the quality of care provided to our patients and strengthens the surgical community as a whole.

Diversity brings a multitude of perspectives, ideas, and experiences that may contribute to innovative and compassionate surgical practices. By embracing diversity, we enrich our ability to problem-solving, to collaborate, and to adapt in an ever-evolving healthcare landscape.
Inclusion is equally vital to our society. We strive to foster an environment where every member feels respected, valued, and supported. We actively seek to dismantle barriers and create opportunities for underrepresented groups within our field. We are committed to providing equal access to education, mentorship, leadership roles, and professional development to all members, irrespective of their background.
We understand that achieving diversity and inclusion requires continuous effort and a commitment to ongoing education and awareness. We pledge to actively listen to the concerns and experiences of our members, patients, and communities. Through open dialogue, we will address inequalities and biases that may exist in the surgical profession and work towards eliminating them.
We encourage all members of Italy Chapter of ACS to embrace diversity and inclusion within their own practices, departments, and institutions. Let us collectively promote an environment that celebrates the uniqueness of individuals and cultivates a sense of belonging for everyone.

As a Society, we will actively collaborate with other professional organizations, advocate for equitable policies in surgical education and practice, and support research initiatives that address healthcare disparities. By doing so, we aim to contribute to a more inclusive and equitable future for all surgeons, patients, and communities.

We can foster a surgical community that reflects the diverse world we live in and embodies the principles of fairness, equity, and respect. Join us in our commitment to creating an equitable, diverse, and inclusive environment for all stakeholders, as we strive for excellence in surgical care and make a positive impact on the lives of those we serve.



ACS Italy Chapter Executive Board


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Cari Fellows,
Ho il piacere di trasmettervi, a nome del Capitolo Italiano, due importantissime notizie:

1. Il Prof. Marco Montorsi è stato insignito del titolo di Honorary Fellow dell’America College of Surgeons. Un riconoscimento prestigioso, e meritatissimo - credo che non ci sia bisogno di una mia presentazione. Si tratta, come ha commentato giustamente il Governatore Paganini, di una grande notizia, personale per Marco Montorsi ma anche per tutto il Capitolo, a conferma della considerazione di cui godono i Fellows Italiani presso l’ACS. Felicitazioni al nuovo Honorary Fellow ed alla Chirurgia Italiana !

2. E’ stato pubblicato, sotto l’egida dell’ International Relations Committee dell’ACS, un importante e bellissimo testo dal titolo GASTROINTESTINAL SURGICAL EMERGENCIES. Ne sono Editori Giuseppe Nigri e Georgios Tsoulfas. Il nostro Segretario Generale, anima di moltissime attività del Capitolo, ha personalmente curato anche numerosi capitoli di questo testo che annovera i contributi di colleghi di grande prestigio, come potrete evincere consultando il testo che potete scaricare gratuitamente al link or click on the cover on the right.

Bravo Giuseppe, e grazie per l’infaticabile lavoro e l’alta qualità scientifica che apporti da molti anni all’Italy Chapter !!!

Il Presidente
Nicola Di Lorenzo


ACS Italy Chapter #1 in EUROPE

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The ACS Italy Chapter Congress, organized by Prof. D. Russello, will be held in Catania, Italy - July 1-2. Click on the picture for the program.

ACS Italy Chapter Webinars

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Prof. Antonio di Cataldo
ACS Honorary Fellow

Ci fa estremamente piacere poter segnalare che il nostro Past Governor, Professor Antonio di Cataldo, è stato insignito della prestigiosa "Honorary Fellowship of American College of Surgeons"

E' con estremo dolore che apprendiamo che si è spento il Prof. Alberto Montori, Honorary Fellow of American College of Surgeon e Membro particolarmente attivo del nostro Capitolo. Il Prof. Montori, pionere della chirurgia Italiana, rimarrà sempre ricordato per simpatia, umanità, professionalità, innovazione e disponibilità nei confronti di tutti. 

Today we have learned with deep sadness hat Prof. Alberto Montori, Honorary Fellow of the American College of Surgeon and particularly active member of our Chapter, has passed away. Prof. Montori, pioneer of Italian surgery, will always be remembered for his sympathy, humanity, professionalism, innovation and availability towards everyone.